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Development in Morvern is concentrated along the coastal strip bordering the Sound of Mull. Landscape analysis identified the area between Savary and Achabeag East as suitable for groups of housing.

Ardtornish estate, the developer, commissioned an independent assessment as part of the planning process. This found of Achabeag that

“in terms of ability to absorb a township, this area offers:

 – sufficient distance from Lochaline as to be a separate community, yet close enough to support and utilise its services

 – ground available above and below the road, allowing a variety of sites to be concentrated within a relatively short section of road, with good road access

 – varied stepped topography, allowing development to be terraced each side of the road, avoiding visual impact from the road while retaining stunning views to the sea, and allowing houses to be integrated into the land form, without the need for loss of existing tree cover or significant restorative landscape work.

 – with the exception of Achnaha Cairn and the listed farm house at Achnaha, the land is not affected by protective designations.”

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